Engine cars and motorbikes repairing

Engine repairing and rebuilding is our "Vocation," we were born and grew up with this target

Engine cars and motorbikes repairing


Our philosophy is try to make the best every day, improving our abilities and our machines. For that reason, over the years, we have deliberately chosen to remain a "Pure grinding engine workshop". We have invested heavily in both physical and technological renewal of our equipment and machinery and as a natural consequence we have invested on our employees preparation. We have decided to work differently the other workshops which usually prepare engine by rotation or fully assembled.

We believe that choice enhances the professionalism both of our customers and ours.

Indeed, we focus on offering kinds of processing and results of qualitative and technological solutions that few other companies in Italy can offer.


Our approach is based on clear and defined lines

When our customers take us an engine to work on, we can disassemble completely it, we clean it and we check the clearences, following both dedicated repairing manuals and our experience. Then we make a job estimate and according to the approval of the customer, we go on working.


The classical mechanical processing

We are able to execute all classic mechanical processing on the various engine parts, such as:


  • Grinding
  • Honing
  • Polishing
  • Untapping
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and tapping
  • Heat treatment
  • Static and dynamic balancing
  • Magnetic particle inspections with certifications
  • Boring
  • Modifications
  • Cylinder replacing
  • Clearance
  • Tap replacement
  • Bearings replacement
  • Milling
  • Rods squaring
  • Crankshaft and cranckcase assembly
  • Ultrasonic or sandblasting cleaning
  • Hydraulic tests
  • Valve guides replacement
  • CNC boring valve seats
  • Seats replacements with sintered rings
  • CNC valves refacing
  • Surface
  • Borings camshaft housing
  • Replacement taps
  • Prisoners
  • Glow plugs
  • Assembling heads
  • Adjusting valves and tappets clearance
  • Camshaft assembly
  • Welding and other special works


Sometimes we use subcontractors for special works, such as heat treatment, metalloscopic tests, electric discharge machining, chrome plating, laser welding, etc.
If spare parts are no more available, we work in partnership with external qualified collaborators in order to rebuild pistons, rods, valves, gaskets etc...